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Please be aware that due to recent changes in gambling regulation, credit card payments are no longer acceptable for the purchase of lottery entries. You are welcome to use a valid debit card.

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If you have 1 entry in the draw, your chance of winning the top prize in our weekly lottery is typically 1 in 11,500
The chance of winning any prize is typically 2 in 575.
All draws are conducted using software running an approved Random Number Generator and include all paid-for entries from lottery subscribers and tickets purchased in shops.
  • 67% of the proceeds from each draw goes directly to the care of Hospiscare’s patients and their families
  • 13% is awarded in prizes
  • 20% is spent on expenses related to promoting and running the lottery 
The total proceeds in 2020/21 were £599,880 of which £401,804 went towards patient care

Important information

Please note:
  • From Friday 4th October, the ticket price is increasing to £2
  • Your application today will be based on £1 per entry until Friday 27th September,  then £2 from Friday 4th October.
  • This means, your invitation to renew your subscription will be sent sooner than our current plans advertise.